Fiction and Non-Fiction

      If you are like me, when reading a book you want to be entertained, emotionally immersed in the story, and engaged with the characters. You will find the fiction of E. Aly will take you on journeys that will leave you happy you went on them and sad they are over. Just as importantly, you will think about the meaning of the stories long after putting down the book. In the area of fiction, the novel CHANGE HAPPENS, But Will They Understand?  and the short story collection Three Questions, Stories  will  leaving you wanting for more.

     Our non-fiction selection offers young adults an understanding of what it takes to succeed in this fast paced world. They can read secrets from the words of successful individuals in the past in our offering 107 Secrets to Success for The Graduate. For those readers who truly want to get rich and stay rich the serious book with the catchy title 19 RULES FOR GETTING RICH AND STAYING RICH DESPITE WALL STREET lays out in simple to understand rules to have financial independence at every stage of life, particularly retirement.

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