CHANGE HAPPENS But Will They Understand?

E. Aly

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A seventeen-year-old irreversible mistake, coupled with deliberate decisions by the Massachusetts organized crime syndicate, causes Judge Ernst "Cal" Callaway to realize that life as he knows it will change forever. Cal and his family, friends, and associates meet the challenges facing them with unorthodox solutions. During the ensuing thirteen months, they must decide if they will grow and change or become overwhelmed by the uncertainties of life and social order.

Catherine White-Callaway sets her sights on what she has always wanted but has been denied. Maggie Latham, with prematurely gray hair from life's cruelties, commits to make a difference in a male-centric society stacked against women. These two strong and ruthless women know what they want and let nothing and no one stand in their way.

Joey Paschael and Suzie Stoner, at a young age, share a love that most adults can't comprehend. The question is, can they achieve the happiness they moth crave?

Based on the African tribal secret society model and the workings of a bizango in Haiti, the Berkshire Book Club is a secret society of nineteen community stalwarts who do not accept or allow the manipulation of the US Constitution for the benefit of those who wish to hurt the community.

CHANGE HAPPENS But Will They Understand? is a complex, entertaining, and engrossing story that will make the reader laugh and cry and, in the end, recognize the impermanence of society and life.