Privacy Policy



 Non-public personal information means personally identifiable information and any list, description, or other grouping of consumers that is derived using any personally identifiable information that is not publicly available.

 The Marshwinds Press Company Privacy Policy is as follows:

 1. You provide us with personal non-public information concerning your address, telephone number, and provide Paypal by Braintree with your credit card or other payment number. Marshwinds Press Company does not disclose any information including your purchases from us to any third-party entity.

 2. Marshwinds Press Company uses a non-affiliated third-party information technology firm to maintain and periodically upgrade our website, We use a non-affiliated third party to supply mailing labels and discounted postage for items purchased on our website. These non-affiliated information technology and service companies assure us they protect the privacy of our client data.

 3. Marshwinds Press is the publisher of the FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH (FWIW) newsletter. The newsletter is sent to you by email. We do not share your email with any non-affiliated third parties.

 4. Marshwinds Press Company does not distinguish between current customers and former customers in regard to sharing non-public personal information. Our privacy policy is the same for everyone who currently does business with us or who formerly did business with us.

 5. Marshwinds Press Company does not disclose non-public personal information to a non-affiliated service provider or joint marketer.

 6. If Marshwinds Press Company changes its privacy policy to allow for sharing of non-public information, you will be notified of the policy change prior to the change taking effect and be allowed to decline your non-public information being disclosed by telephoning 1-800-343-3751. There is no intention of our changing our policy.

 7. Marshwinds Press Company considers it critical to protect the privacy of our customers. We will not acknowledge a customer relationship to anyone, even another professional, without the customer’s prior permission.

 At Marshwinds Press Company, we appreciate the trust and confidence you have demonstrated in us by buying from our website. If you have any questions, please call us directly at 1-800-343-3751.