About Us

Marshwinds Press Company is a publisher and copyright holder of both fiction and non-fiction books, as well as owner of photo image copyrights. The writings and photographs are the work of the writer and photographer E. Aly. The website will offer publications for sale, with new offerings appearing periodically. 

A free newsletter, FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH, will feature essays on topics of interest to thoughtful people, as well as alerts to new offerings on the uniquereads.com website. New issues of FWIW will appear on a regular irregular basis, when a topic of interest is compelling. 

The photographs are black and white (also available in sepia tone) and printed from the negative rather than digitally. Images are grouped on the website by category. Images will be rotated on a regular basis. Each image will be custom printed by a professional lab when ordered. They will be archival, fiber based, gelatin silver images limited to a total of 25, no matter what sizes are ordered. They will have a unique six digit number, cataloged in our records, and signed by the photographer. 

There is a small, inspirational, self-help book entitled 107 SECRETS TO SUCCESS FOR THE GRADUATE.  This little book can help young adults overcome big issues in their lives. Go to Non-Fiction in Publications and learn about these secrets.

There are a number of short stories available. They come to the buyer by PDF email within 24 hours of being ordered. Twelve short stories are available in the collection Three Questions.

CHANGE HAPPENS But Will They Understand? is a novel set in western Massachusetts in the present. It is complex, controversial, entertaining, and easy-to-read.

Thank you for visiting uniquereads.com. We welcome the opportunity to share with you different perspectives in both fiction and non-fiction, as well as some images that are either gone forever or able to evoke memories in your life.

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