Central Park New York

Democracy reigns in Central Park. No matter how much money a person has or doesn't have, Central Park is accessible to anyone wishing to visit, spend the day, people-watch, run a race, ride a bike, or read a book. The park consists of over 800 acres or carefully laid-out green space for the use of all. 

Rambling through the Ramble is like walking through a maze; you don't always end up where you intended. There are huge rock formations where both the adventurer and the recluse can find just the right place. The undulating paths give fitness buffs a chance to work out in nature rather than at a gym. When the goldfinches return from their winter migration to the south, the benches in the Ramble around the trees these miniature rockets make home are crowded with photographers and birders. 

To the north, the Conservatory Garden welcomes visitors who prefer manicured formal gardens.  Throughout the park, there are countless sculptures of animals and famous people, and memorials to soldiers who had answered the call to duty. Paths meander through the 51 block expanse between Fifth Avenue and Central Park West. Two lawns of note, where on pleasant sunny days thousands of individuals are to be found, are the Sheep Meadow and the Great Lawn. Entertainment is provided by musicians looking to hone their skills, and, hopefully, get some tips from passersby. The images in this section were taken between 2005 and 2019.

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