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FWIW # 35 Theatre of the Absurd

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on May 26th 2023

Washington can sadden an observer more than many realize. This comedy about the debt limit issue is a prime example. The Democrats thought the Republicans couldn’t find a position to negotiate with … read more

FWIW # 34 Fear & Greed & CBDC

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Mar 28th 2023

When the markets are fearful, you should be greedy. If you look on pages 46 and 113 in my book 19 Rules for Getting Rich and Staying That Way Despite Wall Street, you will see a drawing of what I c … read more

FWIW # 33 I don't understand ...

Posted by Eugene Kelly (E. Aly) on Mar 15th 2023

The world is taking on an Alice in Wonderland appearance. Usually, simply examining the details helps me understand what is going on. But there are some situations I can’t understand, no matter how … read more

FWIW #32 Interesting Debates

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Feb 2nd 2023

There are two debates going on in the offices of Wall Street. They are debates about retirement strategies called into question due to short-term market developments.1. The 4% RuleThe first debat … read more

FWIW # 31 Hope Springs Eternal

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Dec 11th 2022

Hope Springs Eternal The stock market ended November with an explosive rally in all sectors. The supposed catalyst for this bout of optimism was the signal given by Fed Chair Powell that the Decemb … read more