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FWIW # 42 - Comparisons and Knowledge

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Apr 1st 2024

Isn’t this fun? The string of record highs in the major indices is enjoyable. Enjoyable not only because of the ballooning value of portfolios, but enjoyable listening to the various commentators t … read more

FWIW # 41 Stresses and Misconceptions

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Feb 14th 2024

Sometimes it appears there are no good answers or positive outcomes. One reason is the country, and the world, have allowed proponents of the negative aspects of society to come to the forefront, p … read more

FWIW #40 - Graphs Don't Lie

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Jan 2nd 2024

FWIW #40The end of an interesting year has passed. Just when I thought we were in an Alice in Wonderland scenario, events showed me the worst craziness was still to come. I’m not going to go throu … read more

FWIW #39 - Math Problem

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Nov 12th 2023

Last week Stan Druckenmiller, one of history’s best investors, appeared on CNBC Squawk Box and reiterated the mantra that “entitlements” are the problem with the budget and deficits. It appeared th … read more

FWIW #38 - The Real Culprit

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Oct 10th 2023

In the Wall Street Journal last week, I read an article about monetarism that’s important, even if the author’s perspective is less than right.As the author, James Mackintosh, correctly points out … read more