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FWIW # 29 Patience and Confusion

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Sep 21st 2022

Can you believe these markets? The volatility of interest rates and equity markets demonstrates two aspects of today’s markets. The first is the automation of buying and selling through the use of … read more

FWIW # 28 Investment Markets Update

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Aug 11th 2022

Interesting times, to say the least. There are so many important moving parts influencing the investment markets, it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s start internationally and then examine dome … read more

FWIW # 27 Unintended Consequences?

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Jun 29th 2022

“Unintended consequences” are the latest “it is not my fault” excuses coming from leaders who have all the resources of multiple government intelligence agencies at their service. America is experi … read more

FWIW #26 Responsibility and Choice

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Jun 16th 2022

Isn’t it a crime in and of itself that innocent and hardworking families have to suffer because leaders at all levels fail to take responsibility for their actions? Why is this? From the highest … read more

FWIW # 25 The Fed and Reality

Posted by Eugene Kelly (E. Aly) on May 11th 2022

FWIW # 25FED Policy and Reality This past week, Fed Chair Jay Powell announced a 50-basis point increase in the Fed funds’ rate with another 50-basis point increase coming next meeting. He then st … read more