Three Questions, Stories

E. Aly

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Three Questions is a collection of short stories with life lessons to learn and ponder in each story. Some challenge societal norms, while others challenge our perceptions of our place in the world by bringing the the fragility of who we wre and what we do to the surface. The characters are ordinary people leading ordinary lives and making challenging decisions to meet and influence life as it unfolds.

Readers will recognize life truths in these stories: innocent and seemingly simple decisions add complexity to carefully constructed lives ("The Corner Table"). Believing in eternal love and choosing a simple way to achieve it is not always easy ("Be Careful What You Pray For"). Making a safe decision in one's youth can affect who a person is and what they could have been ("She Was His Memory That Would Not Fade"). People often listen without hearing what is being said ("The Mentor"). Youth believes in the power of luck, but luck comes in many shades of gray ("Lucky").

These and other entertaining and engrossing stories will make the reader laugh or cry as they imagine what they would do in each character's shoes.