A Third Option

E. Aly

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Amy Leonard is a hard charging, brilliant, senior associate, up for partner, at a world renown financial engineering firm. Suddenly, she stares into an abyss, having to choose between two irreversible, life altering, options.  

            Reggie Boykin, Amy’s protégé at her firm, offers Amy a “noble but stupid” third option. However, she realizes Reggie has a dark secret in his life that keeps him unsmiling and insulated emotionally from her and the world. As difficult as the third option would be, Amy reluctantly realizes it may be the least bad options she has. It isn’t until the past intrudes and threatens to destroy both of their lives that they understand what is important.

            Amy and Reggie have their own soul devastating losses they are dealing with. Their psychological and physical journey, not knowing if the third option will be fulfilled, leads both towards a new place in their lives.  Just as success appears within reach, reality interrupts, and Amy must confront her greatest fear—twice. A Third Option is an easy to read story that will make you cry, laugh, and be sorry it’s over.