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FWIW #32 Interesting Debates

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Feb 2nd 2023

There are two debates going on in the offices of Wall Street. They are debates about retirement strategies called into question due to short-term market developments.1. The 4% RuleThe first debat … read more

FWIW # 31 Hope Springs Eternal

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Dec 11th 2022

Hope Springs Eternal The stock market ended November with an explosive rally in all sectors. The supposed catalyst for this bout of optimism was the signal given by Fed Chair Powell that the Decemb … read more

FWIW #30 Liquidity

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Oct 22nd 2022

FWIW #29 addressed the confusion in the markets and the need for patience. This time we’re going to discuss the most important aspect of financial life: liquidity. The country is leaving a period ( … read more

FWIW # 29 Patience and Confusion

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Sep 21st 2022

Can you believe these markets? The volatility of interest rates and equity markets demonstrates two aspects of today’s markets. The first is the automation of buying and selling through the use of … read more

FWIW # 28 Investment Markets Update

Posted by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly) on Aug 11th 2022

Interesting times, to say the least. There are so many important moving parts influencing the investment markets, it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s start internationally and then examine dome … read more