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The intent of the newsletter is to challenge the reader to think through the logic of the issue under discussion, and to find the perspective that either proves or disproves the premise of the topic. We hope that this process might lead to a deeper understanding of a disruptive path or a mainstream belief, counteracting the destructive and narrow-minded hysteria of today. If you would like to receive the newsletter by email, leave your email in the space provided at the bottom of this page. 

February 2020 FWIW #1 Issue: "It's not my fault" has become the mantra in the world today. How did we get from George Washington taking personal responsibility for chopping down the cherry tree to no one being willing to accept responsibility for their actions? Explore this trait that is eroding long-standing cultural norms. To read more, sign up below by leaving your email. This latest issue will be sent to you.  

March 2020 FWIW #2 Issue: The fabric of the United States is the Constitution. Some elements want to pull on what they perceive are loose threads in the Constitution, hoping to change it to suit their perception of what should be the country's profile. Understand how the Constitution came about and why it has worked for over 240 years.

Marsh 2020  FWIW #3 Issue: Covid-19 has caused mass hysteria in the financial markets. Is it really the virus or some other aspects of the investment markets? Read what the issues are and what investors do in troubled times.

April 2020 FWIW #4 Issue: Does adversity really build character? Perhaps there is another perspective that is more important. 

June 2020 FWIW #5 Issue: The Silver Lining in COVID-19. This global and country crisis has impacted society is terrible ways, and, once thought about, has the potential to strengthen society. 

June 2020 FWIW #6 Issue: Western civilization has experienced four Great Waves of price revolution and social history. The ending of the fourth wave may be in progress now. See the similarities of the waves point to developments today.

July 2020 FWIW #7 Issue: Follow the money to understand what is going on in American cities. 

September 2020 FWIW #8 Issue: Rarely does the smoke and mirrors of Wall Street clear long enough for true investors to see what is really important. On August 31, 2020, it did. Read why that date is important to true investors.


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